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5 Hacks to Improve Medication Adherence

5 Hacks to Improve Medication Adherence

Being a premier specialty pharmacy in Linden, New Jersey, we highly advocate and endorse medication adherence. Is it your first time to hear the term MEDICATION ADHERENCE?

This is simply the patient’s religious compliance with their doctor’s prescriptions, including the frequency, number of dosages, and correct schedule. You know why this is so? Medication adherence is not only health-improving to the patient; it’s also cost-saving.

Do you find the concept of medication adherence easy to achieve? Good for you. However, there are some people who cannot do as much as achieving this religiously. If they did not intentionally do it, their non-adherence can be because of their age-related forgetfulness, inability to swallow due to some illness, or mobility problems such as having a hard time getting to where the medicines are.

Because medication adherence is vital for the patient’s overall well-being, we would like now to share some hacks below for them to really adhere seriously. With our pharmacy services in New Jersey, we know that the medical needs and issues of patients always have a way out.

  1. Get some help
    Request a family member of a home health aide to assist you in taking the medicine, or to remind you that it’s medication time. In most cases, having someone to push you towards adherence can make compliance achievable and easier.
  2. Use electronic alarms
    When you search around, you’ll be glad to find that there are in fact digital alarm clocks that are also designed to speak. You can make some voice recordings and set them as reminders at the time you’re meant to take the medicine. This can be really handy for seniors who are frequently busy at home.
  3. Utilize pill boxes
    Pill boxes are very handy medical equipment in New Jersey. These are specially designed boxes with compartments inside arranged for days, weeks, or months. These compartments are used to house your pills or tablets for their assigned day or time so that when the patient looks into it and find the compartment empty, it means that they have already taken the medication.
  4. Arrange for a routine
    Some things can best be remembered when we’ve been doing them routinely. This can be said true for medication adherence when integrated with the patient’s daily activities. For instance, right after their bath time or every 7 PM, they will immediately check on their pill boxes for their intake.
  5. Consult with the pharmacist
    Seek a helpful recommendation from a licensed pharmacist. Because of their professional experience, they can provide helpful insight as to when and how you should take the medicine and which can possibly be right for you.

These are among the many recommendations we can provide at Linden Retail Specialty Pharmacy as far as medication adherence is concerned. However, at the end of the day, we would still encourage the patient to stick to what they find works best for them, as this can ensure that they will really stick to that preference.

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