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Guidelines When Giving OTC Medications to Children

Guidelines When Giving OTC Medications to Children

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are those drugs you can buy without the doctor’s prescription. OTC medicines can treat a wide range of illnesses including fever, cough and colds, tooth decay, and minor infections. The OTC meds you can get from our pharmacy in Linden, New Jersey are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If your patient is a child, you can still give them OTC medicines. Yet, it is important to observe the following guidelines to ensure their safety.

  • Use accurate measuring devices such as marked teaspoons, tablespoons, or cups. These help you avoid making the wrong estimate of the dosage. When you estimate, you are putting your child’s health at risk of over or under-dosage.
  • Understand the difference between tablespoon (tbsp) and teaspoon (tsp) measurements. Use the device as required.
  • Always read the medicine’s label before administering it. Ensure that you adhere to the instructions you’ve read.
  • Take note of the age limits indicated in the medication. If you’re feeling unsure about it, ask about the age limits from the pharmacist at our specialty pharmacy in Linden New Jersey.
  • Know that every OTC medication has its own strength. For instance, some medicines are intended for fever only, while others are for fever accompanied by coughing.
  • Avoid increasing your child’s dosage without the doctor’s or pharmacist’s knowledge. Doubling their dosage cannot make their condition heal faster.
  • If you plan to give them medicines or supplements at the same time, ask the doctor or pharmacist first. Some medicines have negative reactions when taken with other meds.
  • Always supervise your child when taking their medications. Letting them take it on their own may lead to taking the wrong dose.
  • Avoid describing their OTC meds as candy. They may associate it with candies and take the meds without your knowledge.

We hope the above guidelines can help you in ensuring medication safety for children. At Linden Retail Specialty Pharmacy, let us serve you with trusted pharmacy services in New Jersey. For your inquiries, ask us!

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