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Medication Adherence: How Custom Packaging Helps

Medication Adherence: How Custom Packaging Helps

Medication adherence is a crucial need for all patients. In our other blog post, we highlighted the many obstacles that keep patients from following their medication schedule which can ultimately worsen their condition.

As a pharmacy in Linden, New Jersey, we don’t want our patients’ health to suffer due to non-adherence. So we devised customized packaging for medicines to make adherence much easier. Customized packaging is a service that organizes a patient’s medication. Read through to know more about it.

How will customized packaging improve your loved one’s medication adherence?

  • Grouped by Day

    Because every patient has unique health needs, their medications are also unique to their conditions. Yet, patients may forget about their medications for a certain day or time due to domestic or personal concerns. We can package medications according to the day or time they need to be taken. This way, the patient or their caregiver can ensure that the medicines have been taken as scheduled.

  • Packed with Instruction

    As a specialty pharmacy in Linden New Jersey, we serve our clients based on their unique medication needs. If you have special instructions regarding your patient’s medications, we can also include it in the packaging. This serves as reminders for patients on the timing and frequency of medication intake. They can also be reminded of the correct dosage of their prescription medication.

  • Packed for Safety

    The medicine’s packaging is essential to keep it potent. After all, it is in how effective the medication is that a condition can be treated. Because drugs can easily get affected by heat or moisture, they need to be packed securely. This is also a need we meet with our pharmacy services in New Jersey. We ensure that the medication packaging keeps the meds intact and safe.

When it comes to your health and wellness, you can trust that we will back you up. At Linden Retail Specialty Pharmacy, our suppliers and staff are prepared to meet your health goals. So if you have inquiries about medication packaging, feel free to ask us.

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